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I believe yoga is the most important thing. It provides us a platform to practice “real life”, or life in the “real world” in a safe space, by challenging our mental, physical, emotional capacities, and simultaneously giving us tools to navigate the obstacles.  When things get tough in a yoga class, when a pose gets hard or we lose our balance, the worst thing that can happen is we get frustrated just step or fall out of the pose.  When things get tough in the “real world”, it’s not always quite so simple as stepping out of the pose. However, by cultivating the skills acquired through the practice of yoga, such as breathing, mindfulness, and presence, we can better show up for ourselves off the mat. That all sounds so serious! (And it is!) The best part of practicing yoga asana is that it can be silly, and fun, and you are still getting the work done. Just because something is challenging does not mean you can’t smile while it’s happening.

I love to teach and practice power Vinyasa yoga because it pulls everything together.  It forces you to be intensely present, work hard, and feel things.  Because the movement is nearly constant, there is not an opportunity to step out of the present moment, you just roll with the punches and simply observe what comes up.  The work is when you push yourself, and things get hard, and you keeping pushing, and space is created for new growth, expansion and opportunity.  Individuals have the choice of how hard and how far to push themselves, and that is where the true beauty lies. YOU get to decide what you get out of your practice. And just like life, you get out of it exactly what you put into it. I choose to practice with a sense of joy and gratitude and fill myself up with that sensation, allow it to fuel the fire of my practice.

A little more about me:

I was lucky enough to have parents who were punk rocker hippies, and was therefore exposed to yoga a young age, practicing on and off throughout my childhood.  My interest in yoga increased with age, and after moving to Portland and earning my degree, yoga settled in as a consistent and necessary part of my life.  The more I learned the more I wanted to know, which eventually led my to YoYoYogi's 200 Hour Teacher Training Program.  Teaching yoga is my favorite thing, and I am constantly exploring, studying, and picking up new bits of information about all 8-limbs of yoga to share and discuss with my students.

Outside of yoga, whether it's the running, hiking, cycling, dancing or hitting the gym, physical fitness is an essential part of my daily regimen.  I love laughing, and will shamelessly admit that puns are my favorite type of joke.  I love to cook nutritious food with and for my friends and family. I love hip hop, indie rock, and the occasional love ballad. 

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